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Knight of God - Akali Sant Baba Hari Singh Ji Nihang

There was a previous legendry documentry about Baba Hari Singh Ji called, the Knight of God,

It was really good for its time but over the years after meeting Baba Hari Singh Ji, we realised there was the need to update the wider world and the Sangat on how Baba Ji has progressed. As well as accurately portray the Nihang Singhs in a more academic fashion.

This project was started by myself and a popular French TV documentry producer Yvoir. One of the producers Eric Schlaflang and I met many years ago, and have endevoured to produce an accurate picture of the Nihangs Singh, practices, and beliefs. Eric has become very close to the Dal Panth, being Christened as 'Sheru' by the Singhs.
Akali Baba Hari Singh is one of the great Sikhs featured in our own production. Over the years we have collected alot of video footage and material that unfortunately cannot be included due to time restraints of the film. So most of it will find a place on this blog.

About Akali Baba Hari Singh Ji:

Akali Baba Hari Singh Ji joined the Shiromani Khalsa Panth Akali Tarana Dal back in the 1980's his teacher and Jathedar was Brahmgiani Sachkhand Vasi Akali Baba Kirtan Singh Ji. Baba Hari Singh brought many corrupt people to justice in and after 1984 and is a living hero in the Punjab and Dal Panth.

Brahmgiani ap parmesvar. Dhan Dhan Akali Baba Kirtan Singh Ji Nihang Sachkhand Vasi. Jathedar Shiromani Khalsa Panth Akali Tarana Dal, Baba Bakala, Amritsar, Punjab, India. Who sat on the blessed gaddi of Akali Baba Deep Singh Ji Shahid, created by Guru Kalgidhar himself.
Under the guidance of divine Baba Kirtan Singh, Hari Singh has become the likeness of the Guru also. When you meet Baba Ji, you see Vah Vah Gobind Singh Ape Gur Chela!! Baba Kirtan Singh once said, ' Hari Singh the Gurprasadi Naam will make so much light from your face, that only a rare few will be able to look at you directly.'

Every time I have divine Darshan of Baba Hari Singh, I see the prophecy of Baba Kirtan Singh coming more and more true. I met Baba Kirtan Singh Ji, who was the embodiment of peace if I had ever seen it, in 2001. Before meeting them I met Baba Hari Singh, whose divine guidance is an inspiration to me at all times, just thinking about Baba Ji makes my heart fill with sweetness, and a longing just to sit with them once more. Every year we go and see Baba Ji and get his blessing, and his blessings never fail.

Baba Ji lives bani and bana to the full. He rises between 12-1 am, has ishnan then bathes in the local sarovar. He then readies himself in bana, tying his dumalla. He repeats many many bani's at this time. His daily nitnem is huge:
1. Jap Ji Sahib 2. Shabad Hazare 3. Jaap Sahib. 4. Shabad Hazare patshahi 10, 5. Sravag Sudh Svaiye 6. Deen Ki Svaiye 7. Akal Ustat Invocation and Chaupai 8. Long Chaupai Sahib 9. Anand Sahib 10 Chandi Charritra Ustat Barnan 11. Chandi Di Var 12. Ugaradanti. 13. Shastar nam mala first portion. 14. Naseetnama 15. Karinama 16. 32 X Brahm Kavach. [Sometimes he listen to Asa Di Var or reads it]. 17. Ardas
17. Akal Ustat Sahib, 18. Sukhmani Sahib
19. Rahiras (long) 20. Arti Arta. 21. Ardas. 22. Kirtan Sohila. While sitting and walking he repeat gurmantra and mul mantra.
Sheru (Eric) has been very kind and has agreed to allow me to use his footage that is not going to be used in the documentry. Many thanks Sheru Sahib! This is Baba Ji reciting Gurbani at around 1230am-2 am. In his tent, in Shaheedi Bagh, Sri Anandpur Sahib at Holla Mohalla.

Inbetween some of the bani he repeats other shabads. Most of this he knows of by heart. I have seen him repeat many many baniya from memory. He is one of the only Singhs to know Adi, Dasam, and Sarbloh Granth Sahibs. He did the seva for many decades of a chakrvari bus, performing Akhand Paths in the full maryada in villages all over the Punjab. He will not be happy when he hears I have done his mahima on the internet, but I can't help it. Maff Karna Baba Ji!!!!! You are a jewel in the crown of Guru Kalgidhar!
Questions and answers with Baba Hari Singh Ji:
1. What is a Nihang Singh, Baba Ji?
A Nihang is a Khalsa a Khalsa is a Nihang. Nihang means deattached and fearless, these are attributes of the Khalsa.
2. What does a person need to do to become a Nihang Singh or Khalsa?
The person needs to read Gurbani and do Seva. Seva and Simran. This enables a person to realise Divine love. Says Guru Gobind Singh Ji, listen all I proclaim the truth, those that have complete love find the Lord. The Khalsa is one who has complete love and has overcome fear, by becoming One with the Lord. Puran Prem Parteet Saje.
3. How did you become a Nihang Singh, a Khalsa?
From my early years as a child, I felt a divine love in my heart. I would as a child, speak with Parmesvar at each point or moment of my life, as my friend. Parmesvar led me to Divine Baba Ji [Baba Kirtan Singh Ji]. Under his divine guidance I came to be as I am today.
4. Will the Khalsa do Raj?
The Khalsa is doing Raj. As the Khalsa is free. We have the divine command to keep arms. We have our own food system, our own goverment, our own flag, our own scripture, we are sovereign. Yes, but soon the Khalsa will do Raj, as many will have to embrace the Shabad Guru, as the world is going through terrible (bhayanic) times. There will be many wars, famines, earth quakes, and diseases. This is because the human being has forgotten the Naam, and therefore has no Dharam. Until mankind comes into Dharam and balance with nature, nature will keep man in his place. The power of Kudrat (Gods natural power or command over nature which he is a part of) is infinite it has no end, a man has to realise that he has to follow the will of the Creator. Please read the karninama, if you do practice of this bani you will realise for yourself.
5. Baba Ji why do people fight in the world, why is there so much violence?
It is Gods play, like Chess that there are two sides, the dark and the light. Parmesvar controls both with his will. When the good people get ego, he breaks their egos with the demonic forces, and vice versa. The aim of human life is to get to the position to see this game, and have compassion on all, sarbatt da bhalla. This game is described in the Adi Guru Granth Sahib Maharaj, Dasam Guru Granth Sahib and Sarbloh Granth Sahib.
One side is governed by their mind. Manmukh. Everything is mind centred in their lives, feelings do not matter. The other side are governed by feelings of compassion, and love. They follow the spirit. Even in the Sikhs now we have both these sides, one governed by paper work. The other side by service and prayer. However for a true Sikh both sides are the same. They are all Parmesvars forms.
6. What do Nihang Singhs feel about using violence, and non-violence?
A Nihang Singh is non-violent until all other means fail. You just have read what Guru Kalgidhar has said in the Zafarnama to Uranga (Aurangzeb). Sometimes violence must be used to keep the peace (yudh kare sabh shant - Shastarnammala), a real Sikh turns to the sword with a great sense of responsibility and regret that there is no other solution. The Gurus kept peace for many lives. We must keep peace. A Khalsa keeps the peace. A Sikh must never strike anybody with negativity, only positive energy when the urge to fight comes naturally. This is Chardikalah, and being tyar bar tyar. The Khalsa has never converted or invaded anybody, and never will. We are here to serve all, raj na cho, mukt na cho, man preet charan kamalarey. His feet are in everybodies heart, we must serve all with langar. We must clean the dishes, this is Chardikalah! Our history shows this, we must all carry on writing this glorious history of the Guru Khalsa Panth Sahib Ji.
7. Have you got a message for the Sikh youth in the West, Baba Ji?
Be tyar bar tyar (always ready). In bana and bani, they are two wings on a bird. The bird flies up, this is Chardikalah. When you live in the rahit set out by the tenth Guru, everything else will seem ok, but it will not give you intrinsic contentment like this way of life does. There will come a day when many Bhujangis (youth) will become Nihang Singh Khalsa, come into the Dal Panth and learn the vidiya. You are all welcome.

If anybody wants to meet Akali Baba Hari Singh ji, please email, kamalroop_singh:hotmail.com. For Holla Mohalla 2010, March 1st 2nd weeks.


Anonymous said...

I have two questions for you ji:

1. what does Slok Dumalla de do? It probably does more than just let you have a nice proper dumulla right? I'm interested in adding this to my nitnem, but would like more insight into this.

2. What are Baba Hari Singh ji's views on Sant Jarnail Singh ji bhindrenvale?? I watched the Knight of God documentary and on that documentary someone was saying bad things about Sant ji.What are baba ji's views on sant ji?

Nihang Singh and others said...

1. Protects the head spiritually, it is said certain black magic would target certain parts of the head...

2. Baba Hari Singh said Sant Jarnail Singh was a Brahmgiani and probably the greatest Sikh of the last century.

Anonymous said...

i like to know couple of things:-

1) Eating non-veg is it allowed in sikhism. I heard that some nihangs also eat non veg and it is also served in langers as well

2) I saw a video on youtube about a tilak ceramony took place in sach khand hazur sahib.

what are the views of baba ji on this.please reply ASAP